In which type of vehicles can I use the FIX-FORK fork mounts?

The possibility of use of the fork mounts depends especially
– On the size and available space in the vehicle
– The type and model of bicycle, ex. Race bike, MTB, E-Bike, E-MTB, City bike, etc.
– Size of the bike and size of the handlebar

Some samples :
– MPV cars
If the cargo space area is sufficient, you can use a FIX-FORK bicycle carrier in most MPV cars.

Usually, in every Van, enough space is available to transport bicycles.

Most models aren’t suitable for transporting bicycles with the fork mount system. The reason is that space is not high enough (because the loading floor is too high) unless you will dismount your bike’s seat post and (or) rear wheel.
– STATIONCAR (also called Combi, Station Wagon or Break): Almost identical to the SUV: The space is not high enough unless you dismount your bike’s seat post and (or) rear wheel.

The best way to know if bicycles fit in your car is to do a simulation.
Dismount the front wheel, and put your bike in your car. If it succeeds, then you can use the fork mount system to transport your bicycles inside the vehicle.

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