Jumpy – Expert – Vivaro – Pro Ace

Brands: Peugeot, Citroën, Opel, Toyota, Fiat
Type: Van double Cabine with wooden Floor

This model of car is used by different brands of car, but are almost identical.

The distance between the 2 sides is approx. 125 cm.
TIP : Check it, to be sure 😉
The carrier is fixed on the wooden floor and is easy to mount and dismount with the appropriate knobs.

Position to mount the alu -profile on the floor, depends on the type and size of the bikes. A simulation will help a lot.


Base items used:
Jumpy – Expert – Vivaro – Pro Ace

Bicycle carrier for 2 race bikes and 2 MTB

A carrier for 2 MTB’s and 2 racing bikes.
The MTB’s are on a height mount, but not on the highest position.
The MTB’s are set higher on the outside, so that racing bikes can be placed close to the MTB’s.

To determine the place to mount the FIX-FORK alu-profile, execute a simulation.  It avoids mistakes 😉

Jumpy – Expert – Vivaro – Pro Ace

Bicycle carrier for 2 E-bikes

Here you see a carrier for 2 E-bikes Cannondale (with the old fork  mounts of 2017 – not adjustable in height at that moment), with a wheel carrier for 2 wheels.
The first bike on the left has been fixed a little more to the back, an the second bike more to the front, so the bikes are very close to each other (+- 18 cm), which results in space saving, so a lot of other stuff (luggage, bags, etc…) can be also be transported, with the 2 E-bikes.

Jumpy – Expert – Vivaro – Pro Ace

Bicycle carrier for 3 racing bikes

Bicycle carrier for 3 racing bikes.

A pity the racing bikes are not on the pictures, but this shows better the naked carrier.



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