Kangoo – Citan

Brands: Mercedes-Benz, Renault
Type: Car with seats or Van without seats

Mercedes Citan and Renault are almost the same car.

The carrier is mounted with 2 knobs M8 X 50 in the screws of the lashing eyes in the back.
To unscrew the lashing eyes, it’s necessary to dismount the plastic plate in the back (very easy).
The screws of the lashing eyes are now free and will be used to mount the carrier.

Also you need to drill 2 holes in the plastic plate. See manual.

Base items used:
Kangoo – Citan

Carrier for 2 gravel bikes with wheelholder

2 gravel bikes on carrier in Citan Van.
position High-Low to save space.
With wheelholder for 2 wheels


Kangoo – Citan

Carrier in Kangoo with seats

Carrier in Kangoo, where the seats are put down.

Pay attention to the position of the fork mounts, so the steer of the 2e bike is partly before the steer of the 1e bike.
So the bikes are very close to each other.
This is space saving.



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