Campers – part 1

Type: Mobilhome, Camper, motorhome

Samples of different kind of Campers with different kind of bikes.

Method :
The carrier is clamped between the 2 sides, so drilling is not necessary.
The corner between the side and the floor must be 90°.

Length alu-profile (art. MP-100X16) = width between the sides minus 3 cm.
Ex. : If the width between the sides is 98 cm, Then you have to order 95 cm alu-profile (art. MP-100X16).

Attention : Be sure the sides are strong enough, so you don’t destroy them by clamping

Base items used:
Campers – part 1

Carrier for 2 E-bikes

2 E-Bikes in Camper, very close to each other,
with the steers turned 90°, to save space.

Pay attention to the position of the fork mounts.

Campers – part 1

Carrier with 2 racing bikes

Bicycle carrier for 2 racing in a small camper storage.

Position HIGH – LOW, so the bikes are very close to each other.

Campers – part 1

Carrier combination MTB - racing bikes

Carrier made to transort 2 MTB and 1 racing bike.

Pay attention on the position of the fork mounts and also the adjusting in height.

Campers – part 1

Carrier for 2 E-Bikes

Carrier for 2 E-bikes.
The 1e bike is more to the back and the 2e one more to the front, so the steer of 2e bike comes partly before the steer of the 1e one, so space saving placement.
Pay attention to the position of the fork mounts.

Campers – part 1

Carrier for 2 MTB's and wheelholder

Carrier for 2 MTB’s with one wheelholder for 2 wheels.

1 positioned HIGH – 1 positioned LOW.
Because the position of the MTB on the HIGH position, the wheelholder can be placed, without losing space.



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