V-Class L3

Brands: Mercedes-Benz
Type: Van double Cabine long version (L3)

This the L3 version of the V-Class, the longest version. The space inside is long enough for almost every kind of bike.
The carrier is mounted in the existing seat rails with a special kit, this without drilling and is easy to mount and dismount with the appropriate knobs.
Because the original seat rails are not close enough from the back door, PMM-plates are necessary.

Base items used:
V-Class L3

Carrier for 3 racing bikes

A carrier for 3 racing bikes
with disc brakes thru axle 12-100
and rim brakes quick release 09-100.

There is space available for 5 racing bikes maximum.

V-Class L3

Carrier for trekking bikes

Carrier for 3 trekking bikes
The bikes are very close to each other, so there is plenty of space left.

Look at the position of height of the fork mounts.
Adjusting height is necessary, otherwise the steers were struggling.
Also the mudguards  are high enough from the floor.

V-Class L3

Carrier for 3 MTB's

Carrier for 3 MTB’s.
Position HIGH-LOW-LOW, so the bikes are very close to each other.
Remarque the position of the fork mounts LOW, so the steer of the 3e bike is partly before the steer of the 2e bike.
A lot of free space is still available.





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