V-Class L2

Brands: Mercedes-Benz
Type: Van double Cabine semi-long version (L2)

This the L2 version of the V-Class, also called semi long. The space inside is (mostly) long enough for race bikes. For MTB’s, it depend on size of the bike. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. A simulation to check if bikes fits, is recommended.
The carrier is mounted in the existing seat rails with a special kit, this without drilling and is easy to mount and dismount with the appropriate knobs.
Because the original seat rails are not close enough from the back door, PMM-plates are necessary.

Base items used:
V-Class L2

Bicycle carrier for 2 race bikes and 2 MTB

Bicycle carrier in V-Class for 2 racing bikes and 2 MTB’s.
To win space, high and low mounts are used, to win space.

Look to the different position of the Fork Mounts for racing bikes and the Fork Mounts for MTB’s.
This is because racing bikes and MTB’s are complete different bikes.
See also the possibility to adjust the height of the mounts.

V-Class L2

Carrier for 3 bikes in V-Class L2

This is an excellent example of a “CUSTOM MADE” positioning of 3 bicycles.
Pay attention on the different height positions of the fixations of the forks of the 3 bikes, so the handlebars are not struggling.
The customer did not want a wheelholder, because the space left, is destinated for luggage.


V-Class L2

Carrier in V-Class L2 for 2 racing bikes with wheelholder

A carrier for a young road racer for 2 race bikes
with disc brakes and thru axle 12-100,
with a wheelcarrier for 2 wheels
with adaptors for thru axle wheels 12-100.

V-Class L2

Carrier V-Class L2 for ladies bike, racing bike and E-MTB

Bicycle carrier in V-Class L2 for 3 different type of bikes.

Pay attention to the different positions of the fork mounts, in function of the type of bikes.
The length of the E-MTB is too long, so it was necessary to dismount front and rear wheel.




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