Bicycle Carrier in VW Caravelle

Volkswagen Caravelle Double Cabine Long Version – 01

Brands: Volkswagen
Type: Van Double Cabine

In some cases, the carrier is mounted directly on the wooden floor of a Volkswagen Caravelle.
Depending on the size and type of bike(s) and your preference,  you can choose the exact place to mount the alu profile.
It’s a significant advantage. The cases below will show you.


Base items used:
Volkswagen Caravelle Double Cabine Long Version – 01

3 E-MTB's in VW Caravelle.

Bicycle carrier for 3 E-MTB’s in VW Caravelle Double Cabine Long version.
An E-MTB is a long-size bike, so the alu profile must be mounted close to the back door.
Look at the positions of the fork mounts. Because of the adjustments and positioning of the fork mounts, The E-MTBs are positioned very close to each other.

Volkswagen Caravelle Double Cabine Long Version – 01

5 bicycles in a VW T6.1 Caravelle long version double cabine.

Our customer bought this T6.1 Caravelle to transport five bikes.
The challenge was creating the bicycle carrier with still extra space left.
Because of the flexibility in positioning the fork mounts, it was possible to place the different types of bicycles very close to each other, with still space left for luggage.



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