Fork Mount Thru-Axle 15-100 mm HIGH model


Fork Mount to secure a bike by the front fork for bicycle transportation inside vehicles.

Type of bicycle fork = Thru-axle Forks 15-100 (IMPORTANT: check the measures)..
Diameter thru-axle = 15 mm
Width of the front wheel hub = 100 mm (= also the distance between the fork ends inside).
HIGH MODEL – 13 cm adjustable height (by step of 1 cm).

ATTENTION: Use the original Thru-axle of your bicycle to fasten the fork on the mount.

It’s possible to replace the inner part of the fork mount with another inner part for a different type of fork, like quick release 9-100 mm, thru-axle 12-100, 12-110 mm, 15-110 mm BOOST, 15-110mm RS-B, 15-150mm Fatty, 20-110 mm, LEFTY, etc.

Fork Mount, Bicycle fork, Fork holder, fork fixation, bicycle transport, bicycle storage, thru-axle, 15-100

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