Inner part Thru Axle 15-110-RS-BOOST


Interchangeable part thru-axle 15-110 Rock Shox Boost for the NEW compatible fork mount.

Type of bicycle fork = Thru-axle 15-110 Rock Shox Boost Fork (IMPORTANT: check the measures).
Specially designed because the insides of the fork ends of a Rock Shox Boost Fork have a unique design. See also the specified image.
Diameter thru axle = 15 mm
Width of the front wheel hub = 110 mm (= also the distance between the fork ends inside).

The 1e picture is the offered product. The others pictures are clarifications and help for a better understanding.

Also available for quick release 9-100, thru-axle 12-100, 12-110 mm, 15-100 mm, 15-110 mm BOOST, 15-110mm RS-B, 15-150mm Fatty, 20-110 mm, LEFTY, etc.

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